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Tania Lucarelli's Story

I was wanting to belong, but not be intimidated by the “gym junkies”

I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. Well actually, I thought I was overweight as a teenager in the late 80s when in actual fact, I was in the normal BMI range ( I wish I knew that then as this would have saved lots of future anguish).

So as a 16 year old, my life of going on diets / eating plans / exercise programs started. I was successful at losing weight on a few occasions, but was challenged with keeping it off. Weight Watchers, Herbalife, Jenny Craig, Medi-Trim and numerous gym memberships over the years had lead to nothing but a feeling of failure.

I was searching for a program where the nutrition and exercise were integrated as in the past, I excelled at either one or the other and would use exercise as a trade off for making inappropriate food choices.

Like many in the group, I had stalked Mana on Facebook for a while before taking the plunge. It was late in 2016, my position had been made redundant and although I had lots of time, I wasn’t in the right headspace to commit to any program at that time.

I contacted Ana before Christmas and I started my first nutrition and ICE program in January 2017. This was to be my “job” until full time employment came my way.

I was wanting to belong, but not be intimidated by the “gym junkies”. From my first sessions at Mana, I felt I belonged, was not intimidated and found a nurturing environment that I knew would help me achieve my goals.

I was learning the concepts of Metabolic Precision and integrated ICE into my regimen. I then started FIRE training and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it and have done every block since and have gained great satisfaction in seeing what I can now lift (and secretly seeing some muscle starting to protrude from under their camouflage!!!). I remember I saw another member lift 12.5kg in a single arm row and thought that I would never be able to achieve that and now I can lift 17.5kg!!

When the opportunity was presented to join the Mana All Stars, I jumped at it as I had intended to continue with FIRE and ICE and I thought I had a reasonable grasp of the concepts from the first nutrition program. However, I was amazed at what I picked up in the subsequent programs….be it new recipes, mastery of new concepts or just getting a better understanding of myself. I now travel frequently interstate for work and have managed to incorporate the concepts of MP as best I can when I am away (even though other passengers on the plane laugh at me when I get my protein shaker out).

We have a great environment of support and encouragement to be the best we can be spearheaded by Ana & Jose. Despite injury earlier in the year, my program was modified so that I could still exercise without causing further damage. In a previous life, injury would have been the permission to give up.

During this journey which continues for me, I have learnt lots about myself and gained new friends. I have also gained confidence in meal prepping (I never cooked pre MP) and am more organised and better at prioritising so that I have appropriate food in the house. I eat out a lot and am now more mindful of what I choose and make deliberate choices (whether good or bad) but have to own the consequences. Thanks to the team at Mana for giving me the opportunity to be a better me.

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