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Never give up. Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding."

Knowing me knowing you!

Meet Nicole Ram, one of our athletes in our strength and conditioning program, Fast Fit Functional

When Nic came to us, she wanted to improve her speed and power for netball. However, she had problems with knee stability. She had undergone knee reconstruction in the past so our primary focus was rehabilitation and connective tissue strengthening. Nic is so determined to make progress that she always pushes herself to her limits in the gym. Her commitment has paid off as she has been given the all clear to train at 100% by her knee specialist! She stands her ground on the court and has become more confident, fitter and stronger.
We asked Nic to answer a few questions for us.......

Hi Nic, do you have a favourite quote?

"Never give up. Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding."

Do you have a special talent?

I don't really have a special talent, but I did use to do competitive swimming for a few years. I used to swim for my schools and also outside school, I was in competitions.

What's one thing that would surprise us to find out about you?

I used to do karate when I was younger, for a few years and got up to blue belt.

Have you always been sporty?

Growing up I was very sporty. I used to swim, do karate and I played netball for a high level of competition and took that very serious. Throughout my school years I also did athletics.

Who or what motivates you?

Being so sporty, my dad motivates me as he used to be a cyclist in the Commonwealth games representing Fiji. My dad supports me through everything and pushes me to excel to my best abilities.

What is your favourite exercise or workout?

My favourite exercise is definitely the ropes. I find it really works every part of my body and I just enjoy doing it very much.

What sort of music do you like to workout to and why?

When I workout I tend to listen to a bit of RnB or mostly dance music, so it can get me motivated and I can feel pumped before a workout or during a workout, it helps a lot.

What do you love about your chosen sport?

What I love about Netball is that it is a team sport and I get to interact and play with people with different personalities as well as skills on and off court.

What do you love about training at Mana?

Training at Mana is a great environment. I love that everyone is very welcoming and very hard working. When I first joined Mana team I knew I would be pushed to my limits. I love training at Mana because after each week of training, I see the outcome and the hard work I have put in.

3 top tips on how to stay competitive as an athlete ?

  1. Make sure to stay motivated
  2. Stay positive towards game days as well as training sessions.
  3. Set yourself a SMART goal. Which means be specific with what you want to achieve within a measurable time and make sure this goal is achievable and reachable within the time frame you have set.

Keep up the great work Nic!

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