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"Your journey is only complete if your loved ones around you are in good health too"

Since I can remember, I have always been active and on the go. I also consumed a whole lot of processed foods as a youngster as it was what we were given, e.g. bread, pastries, rice, pasta. This was great fuel for a young active boy living in a low socio economic area. My training was daily as I became heavily involved in sport. I would train 5 days a week and it paid off (so I believed back then)

I played internationally and professionally all over the world. My eating continued down the track of high energy carbohydrates, lots of protein and minimal fats. The small window of high level sport can sometimes push your judgment to thinking that MORE is better. This meant I over-trained a lot, and consumed way less calories than I should have. This lead to injuries and average performance.

When I retired from high level sport 7 years ago, my eating and training remained the same for another 2-3 years - an easy mistake to make as you are caught up in routines and systems. I did a few long distance fun runs including a full marathon and obstacle races; but I still was not happy with my body in my late 30's.

I was introduced to the Metabolic Precision system of training and eating in 2012. I had a goal, that I wanted to look shredded by my 40th birthday. My 'Why" was important to me and with training less and eating more following the MP principles, I achieved it! I could not believe how easy it was and more importantly, I understood more that "Food Is Fuel" and how we need to respect it.

My body has changed and it has made me happy, but not as happy as seeing my kids and wife also go through an education process. Your journey is only complete if your loved ones around you are in good health too.

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