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"....at 58 your metabolism slows down a fair bit, so yes, 16 kilos lighter, I'm pretty happy !!!!!!!"

It was a little over a year ago when a friend recommended me to see Ana from Mana Fitness Solutions. I hadn't seen my friend for a while and it struck me that besides losing weight, she seemed to have lots of energy as well. For years I'd been telling myself that it was ok to be overweight as long as I was happy really. I just couldn't take the first step to becoming a me that I would like when I looked in the mirror. But the following day, I bit the bullet and rang Ana and made a time to see her and see how she could help me achieve my goals and keep me on track. Well what can I say, I met the lovely Ana and she made me feel so comfortable and even though I'm a bit uncoordinated, she never made me feel like I couldn't achieve results. One year later and 16 kilos lighter, I can't imagine a week of not going to see Ana at Mana Fitness and doing a workout that she plans for me, that takes into consideration some of my neck and back problems. Thank you Ana, you're an amazing P.T. I couldn't have done it without you. Oh, and in case you're wondering, at 58 your metabolism slows down a fair bit, so yes, 16 kilos lighter, I'm pretty happy !!!!!!!

Kind regards
Connie Zarafa

When Connie and I first met in 2014, she was frustrated as hell! Her goal was to lose a few kilos, have more energy and due to neck and back issues, wanted to also find a way to move pain-free.

She had already tried a lot of diets that normally promotes a very low calorie intake without success, which left her feeling hungry by the afternoon, and her goal nowhere in sight.

Our priority was to "create a new normal", re-program her metabolism and get her to perform resistance exercise as soon as possible! She followed the Metabolic Precision principles in her first ever 12 week nutrition program, in conjunction with focused intense resistance exercise (FIRE) and cardio (ICE).

At 57 years old, building and maintaining lean muscle while consuming wholesome nutritious food was at the top of our list. It wasn't all plain sailing - we had a few challenges along the way but her incredible determination to succeed kept her motivated.

We focused a lot on her postural imbalances, coordination, flexibility and shoulder mobility before any loading commenced in her FIRE & ICE programs.

As a result, several months later....

• she has lost 16kgs!
• has more energy and tenacity than some half her age
• a substantial reduction in cms from her girth measurements
• reduced her medication
• suffering less headaches
• now an avid bike rider!

I am very proud of this amazing woman who makes me smile everyday we train and would like to congratulate her on her fantastic transformation...so far. Job well done Connie!


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