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Ben Dengate's Story

A man of a few words but a lot of courage!


Meet Ben Dengate

Where were you born and grew up?

“I was born in Australia and I've spent my entire life living in Melbourne. I grew up around Scorsby/Rowville, a relatively quiet area when I was young”

What made you get into fitness?

“I have always been an active person ever since I can remember. However actually training and getting into fitness didn't occur until I joined the Army after finishing high school. In the Army I had to do a lot of physical training and thankfully I enjoyed most of it. It was from this point on that I've maintained an interest in training even though I certainly been through a few on and off phases”

What made you sign up with your trainer?

“I had only been training for a month after having almost an entire year off. I have always lacked nutritional knowledge and that I've never been on a "diet" or anything similar. After hearing about Ana who is a level 4 MP qualified nutritionist, I decided to look into it. Upon doing a little research about the course I thought "I've never considered my diet in eight years of on/off training, what the hell I'll have a crack and see what happens".

Honestly I didn't expect much of a change. I certainly didn't expect the change I had and in such a short period of time which has without a doubt confirmed to me that nutrition plays a much more important role than I had previously thought"

What were some of the challenges you had to overcome on your journey?

"The biggest one was learning to meal prep.

It took me almost a month to even get into meal prepping but since then I've become much more efficient at it.

I can assure you that meal prepping was the single greatest key to my lifestyle change. It made eating everything I should so much simpler, when it was already there for me, good to go”

How has your trainer helped you?

"Ana was amazing throughout the entire 12 week challenge! She has a very bubbly and positive personality and that alone can motivate you to try harder. I believe this helped motivate myself along with our entire group to make the lifestyle change and try much harder than we normally would have individually.

In addition to this, Ana was a wealth of information and always happy to answer any questions and discuss any issues people may have had. Ana made the process of changing my lifestyle much simpler and easier than I thought it might have been"

What were the aspects you enjoy about your program?

“I have trained on and off for years, at some points much harder than I am currently training now yet I have never had anywhere near the results I have from eating metabolically precise.

To me MP really didn't feel like I was going on a "diet". There wasn't anything stressful about it, if anything the meal prepping made life easier. Beyond thinking about what I should eat based on whether I was inside/outside the window it was simple. Also I have to mention that the food is quite tasty, even though I was one of the worst students in terms of meal variety I still enjoyed everything I made

Despite my enthusiasm for training I've always lacked nutritional knowledge and honestly it's never concerned me. I never really thought it would make a significant difference. Now that I've finally taken the step to learn about nutrition/metabolic precision I realise how wrong I was. It has helped me achieve something I never even thought about”

What is your favourite MP meal?

“As boring as this may sound my favourite and by far my most consumed meal would have to be the 3min MP Omelette. After trying it for the first time, it fast became a staple in my diet, most of my breakfasts will be this”

Thank you Ben, it's been a pleasure.

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