25 Jun, 2015



We have 3 lives that we lead: business, personal and cyber.

Personal interaction in society is at an all time low. Facebook and other cyber media outlets have assisted with this. Why hang out with your friends face to face when you can do it on line.

In your quest to find personal social interactions outside of our cyber life and inner family circle, we sometimes turn to sport, book, community clubs or even the gym.

At my local rugby club I seek solace with friends who have a unified bond to perform at an optimum level, to push each other to their limits. We know if our friends don’t tell us we are not putting in the hard yards then our coach WILL. We also know we have a short window each year to be at our best, so we strive towards this.

At your local gym are you getting the same inspiration? Are you alongside friends that will push you to your goal of complete accomplishment? Do you have friends that will pick you up when you're down and let you know when you're not giving 100%. Or will they let you under perform and just accept it?

If your friends don’t pull you up, will your instructor, PT or even the club manager say to you: “Hey you come in here 3 times a week and fluff around?"

The modern day commercial club now more than ever breeds social interaction as society craves it due to the lack of it. This is great as long as YOU and your teammates are there to win, get closer to your goals or give it all you've got.

In sport you play to win or you put in your best performance. Why should that be any different at your gym? Why pay up to $1200 per annum to come second, put in a half ass effort or even not turn up?

Accountability and support is NOW the golden thread that wraps up your success especially with the demands of our working week. Find that A-TEAM , mentor or coach that have your best interest at heart. Share a common goal to find what you're looking for.

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